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Information About the Types of Dental Fillings

Abstract: There are different types of dental filling in the details of this major hot gutta-percha root canal filling. Shanghai dental will introduce you different dental filling types.

Hot gutta-percha root canal filling technique is the use of heat softened gutta-percha features with mobility, under pressure form can adapt root canal wall, the vast majority of root canal filling cavities to achieve the ideal three-dimensional filling effect. Hot gutta-percha root canal filling methods include: hot gutta-percha condensation technique, solid core carrier obscuration techniques, and thermoplastic gutta-percha filling injection technology.

Shanghai is not only well-equipped dental and dental filling range, advanced technology, widely favored

Types of heat gutta-percha root canal filling that ismile shanghai dental offers to you:

1, hot gutta-percha condensation technique: hot gutter perch filling method is the use of pressurized heated and softened gutta-percha and pressure deformation characteristics, side by side and / or the vertical force the heated and softened gutta-percha with liquidity pushed all parts of the root canal, including side and vice root canal and root canal traffic branch, and ultimately the entire root canal system tightly closed. Depending on the way the pressure can be divided into: warm vertical condensation technique, continuous wave vertical condensation technique; warm gutter side vertically integrated condensation technique.

(1)Hot gutta-percha vertical condensation technique: 1967, Schilder proposed heating gutta-percha in the root canal, and the vertical pressure to "3D" filling the root canal system.

(2) Continuous-wave vertical condensation technique:Buchaman in Schilder's hot gutta-percha vertical condensation technique, based on the change in the heating mode, the original of the root canal, the intermittent filling wave technology to produce heat under Part 3, the change is filling step heating technique, namely continuous wave and pressure method. Its private system B, the system can accurately control the temperature of the instrument tip and heating time, the heating and pressing is completed at the same time, more quickly and efficiently.

(3)Hot glue the side of the tooth vertically integrated condensation technique: Given side pressure method convenient, fast, and vertical condensation method can achieve a more dense filling effect, Martin to take advantage of these two techniques, the proposed thermal gutta-percha side vertically integrated condensation technique, its dedicated equipment for Endotec, its principles and methods and Touch, nHeat similar, with the pointed tip of lateral condensation heater is similar charge, the same model as the standard ISO endodontic file type 30 # to 40 # range. It can be controlled by the button operation time, to thereby control the temperature of the root canal to avoid damage to the periodontal tissues.

2, solid core carrier obscuration techniques: Thermafil filling method is representative of the technology, is the international standard plastic carrier surface models shank wrapped α-phase gutter perch coated by the Johnson invention. Soft consists of a heating furnace and a set of thermoplastic tooth rubber tip. Because different α β phase after phase gutter perch and common standards used, α-phase gutta-percha is heated, has excellent mobility and adhesion to ensure that it is sent in a plastic carrier apical process will not fall off. 3, gutta-percha filling thermoplastic injection method include: high temperature thermoplastic injection gutter gutta-percha filling method and the low-temperature thermoplastic injection filling method, which is the α-phase (low-temperature method) and β-phase (high temperature method) heated and softened gutta-percha after injection of the root canal, filling the root canal system can be quickly, easy to operate, gutta-percha in the injection pressure, flow to the apical gutter both direction and flow laterally, collateral better root canal closed after filling produce dense homogeneous whole, the volume stability.

Plublish Date: 2014-05-28

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