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How to Understand the Metal Tooth Filling Types

Abstract: Many different types of metal dental filling, in this precious metal porcelain tooth, for example, illustrate. Shanghai dental professionals will give you some tips on tooth filling.

Precious metal material has been widely used in dental, rather than just we understand with gold teeth it has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance. These alloys by precision casting, machining, forming, porcelain, powder metallurgy and amalgam process, widely used in making crown, bridge, inlay, filling, etc.

Types of precious metal porcelain teeth are:

1, the computer porcelain crown of gold deposited noble quality gold 99.9%

Computer induction design using current gold ions, directly deposited 99.9% gold bottom crown in the working generation type, precision of this technology is a kind of any casting process failed to achieve, because gold can better protect the abutments, compatibility and gold deposition has excellent biological, can avoid the allergic reaction, at the same time, gold can be long-term to prevent discoloration of gums around In addition, gold deposition also has excellent marginal adaptation; lasting repair effect can be obtained in clinical practice. In terms of aesthetics , gold deposition technique also has a unique charm , warm golden hues of gold deposited the gold crown with natural, vivid , beautiful and realistic effects , but because of the limited processing methods , not all cases can be used , the need have your dentist to help you decide .

2, Golden porcelain crown completely hand kneading better long-term results

Splendor porcelain teeth with fully manual kneading , not carved wax, metal crown achieve excellent adaptation, the thickness of the base of the crown uniform and easy to control , which completely avoid the adverse effects of repeated past metal casting produced , and changes in the internal structure of the metal does not occur . It is worth mentioning that, after a large number of clinical trials have demonstrated that long-term effects Splendor porcelain teeth than any precious metal porcelain teeth better, which has been widely recognized by dentists in Europe and developed countries, but also in patients with rage. The material of gold, have very good aesthetic effect and good biocompatibility. Generally used for the sleeve and PFM crown.

3, gold alloy PFM porcelain inhibit bacteria against not collapse

An inner layer consisting of 75 % gold and platinum composition of 9%, with the advantages of high strength, hardness HV400 real teeth and the same body, the effective protection of the natural teeth to bite from harm. The gold and precious metals have excellent properties, chemical stability, less susceptible to oxidation and decomposition, with a strong anti- corrosive, so do not stimulate the gums, does not cause gum discoloration. Ismile shanghai dental Hospital has proved effective

4, platinum alloy-porcelain crown

Due to the strength of higher than normal ceramic material, so the porcelain is also a strong binding force , and will not break off after porcelain dental restoration , hardness , less prone to oxidation, porcelain collapse phenomenon , natural-looking shape , longer service life .

5, palladium alloy-porcelain crown

Palladium porcelain crown (also known as the Platinum PFM) crown its relatively small amount of palladium and gold or silver composition made of metal alloy that has an affinity for both porcelain and metal, but also managed to avoid gold alloy softness. Platinum alloys because of its superiority with precious metals, precious metals prices than low, has been replaced by ordinary metals are widely used in many European countries. Palladium materials, possesses the advantages of high strength, commonly used to make denture long bridge.

6, palladium -silver alloy porcelain teeth

Palladium- silver alloy high strength porcelain teeth, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, without any harm to the human body, porcelain gold combined with strong growth life. They feature a porcelain cheaper than gold, the higher cost. Specific price may vary.

Plublish Date: 2014-05-27

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