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To Make You Know About Dental Filling Materials

Abstract: As people on health standards and aesthetic requirements continue to increase, as well as enhanced environmental awareness, dental filling materials are also improved.

Caries can cause substantial defects dental hard tissue repair of the defect filling is complete tooth morphology, masticator function and aesthetics of its effective way to recover. Filling materials are artificial tooth restorative material used to fill defects. Traced the development process of dental filling materials, you can see the progress of human oral medicine. From herbal cream filling cavities to silver fillings, from the establishment of a standardized amalgam filling material composition and proportions to the application of new polymer composite resin dental filling material a revolutionary change, making dental restorative treatment concepts and techniques are continuous improvement and updating, to further improve the dental filling method, so retain more healthy tooth structure as possible, but also promoted the development of aesthetic dentistry, bonding materials and technology.

Ismile shanghai dental profession as an authoritative, its technology is more advanced dental filling.

Clinicians often based on the site of the teeth, location and size of the cavity where the jaw bite force to bear, and the patient's health status, aesthetic requirements of different materials filling the cavity, the most commonly used materials: amalgam, composite resin and glass incomer cements.

Silver amalgam is a widely used restorative material, more than 150 years of history, its safety has been well proven, so far, there is no direct evidence that it has adverse effects on human health, and in the general population the incidence of allergic reactions is very low, with the largest amalgam compressive strength, hardness and wear resistance, and stable performance, commonly used in the dental cavity filling to cover a larger bite force. However, due to its color is gray and black, for aesthetic reasons, but also more recently been replaced by a resin material.

Composite resin mainly composed of a resin matrix and inorganic filler. It has a greater tensile strength and expansion during curing shrinkage and deformation is less, the most prominent advantage is beautiful, and the adjacent tooth to provide the best color match. Over the past than amalgam soft composite resin, mainly used in anterior teeth cavity filling, however, the recent emergence of the mechanical properties of composite resins and greatly increased wear resistance is also widely used in the large cavities and tooth filling.

Glass incomer cements is currently used as a dental filling material, its biggest advantage lies in the small pulp irritation, can release fluoride ions in favor of demineralization and inhibits bacterial aggregation, so commonly used in vital teeth bite maxillofacial nest filling the hole, but it is more brittle and does not have the required large area and some filling material properties, it can not be applied to larger parts of the dental filling force.

Plublish Date: 2014-05-26

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