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Classification of Dental Filling Tools

Abstract: Dental tools are varied, different equipment, its function is different. There are classifications of dental filling tools according to usages, functions and so on.

Ismile ,shanghai dental hospital dental equipment constantly upgrading, product to stability, durability, safety, versatility, speed and miniaturization, but also in the direction toward the modular structure, so as to achieve fully functional, affordable device, easy operation, equipment lower costs, ease of maintenance and repair, shorten treatment time, improve working conditions, reduce patient pain and the purpose of reducing dental dentist labor intensity.

Here, the main details of the following categories:

1. Curing Light

(1)Advanced dental technology products, manual brightness and intensity of the two-stage light-curing time;

(2)Modeling flow lines, ergonomically - way to learn, easy to operate.

(3)High penetration design, any brand curable resin material.

(4) Report of blue light special orange shading film

2. Amalgamator

Adjustable domestic and imported capsules of various shapes

3. Root canal measuring instrument

(1) Suitable for any measurement of oral environment, is not affected by root canal environment

(2) The LCD, easy and intuitive.

(3) Apical enlarged display, and has a sound alarm.

(4) Simple operation, more humane.

(5) Measurement accessories can be pasteurized to prevent cross-infection of patients.

3. Dental mold three-dimensional scanner

High-accuracy optical three-dimensional digitizer small high-speed, high-precision three-dimensional data output objects. The measurement principle is based on structured light measurement.

DigiScan small laser scanner can scan is complete mandible, single tooth, etc., and to automate the process three-dimensional point cloud model. This allows users to achieve unattended during the scanning process, saving time, effort.

4. Dental planter

Is a high-quality CNC planting machine, completing the process of planting, planting a number of advantages for machine operation the doctor's surgery provides a safe, accurate, efficient and convenient protection. And because of high torque, high speed, low heat characteristics, this machine is very good power systems.

(1) Touch LCD screen,

(2) The screen displays all practical value, providing all the reference values for the doctors’ surgery

(3) The front of the machine pumps red folding box, easy to open, easy to clean

(4) Shows the actual torque values can be used for patients with bone mineral density reference

(5) All the planting is completed by a curved phone, reduce consumption costs

(6) Has set three procedures, each program includes four steps: turn the hole, reaming, tapping, screw

Implants, three programs can be adjusted according to the patient's bone condition.

(7) No agent brush motor with the motor line can be high temperature and high pressure disinfection

(8) Big foot, the distance between the foot control buttons fully to ensure the accuracy of the foot control.

5. Dental X-ray machine

(1)Using international advanced technology, low radiation, high efficiency

(2)Radiation leakage was only one percent of the national standards

(3)Rinse the next room, one minute imaging for the diagnosis immediately, convenient for doctors (4)To diagnose the greatest extent

(5)Pneumatic lift chair, make pictures more convenient, more comfortable patient

(6)Oral digital imaging system can be connected

6. Bottom with a light-curing glass ionomer

For direct and indirect restorations bottom, including composite resin, silver amalgam, porcelain and metal restorations

Instantaneous curing and excellent operating feel so clinical operations more quickly and efficiently

(1) There is a strong chemical bond with the tooth structure, so that the edge of the closed nature of the material is very good, thereby reducing the incidence of postoperative sensitivity

(2) Sustained release of fluoride ions can be effective long-term prevention of secondary caries

(3) 3M ESPE with all dental bonding system match provides good adhesive strength

(4) Its inhibitor layer can effectively inhibit oral bacteria

Plublish Date: 2014-05-23

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