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Introduce You the History of the Progress of Dental Fillings

Abstract: Random technology development, the traditional fillings keep its advantages, abandoned... Shanghai dental professional is willing to introduce the dental filling development history.

We fill the missing teeth after new teeth are a very important thing , before we are usually denture to fill the missing teeth , dentures or fixed mainly dentures, dental restoration as technology continues to progress , there is now dental implants , and quickly occupied the part of the market , has now become a way to repair a missing tooth popular .

So traditional dental implant and what the advantages and disadvantages? Many experts shanghai dental Hospital said:

There are traditional dental dentures fixed dentures and alive, they have their own advantages and disadvantages.

First take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of living denture.

Advantages dentures: 1, occlusal function recovery is superior to dentures. 2, Small foreign body sensation 3, does not require a daily pick Wear clean, easy to use.

Activity denture shortcomings: 1, some fixed bridge of the bridge under the easy stockpile food residue. 2 , the need for front teeth missing tooth crowns are made , if after the tooth itself is very good, would do much good dental crowns cause some damage. 3, some locations can not be fixed bridge. Not easy to clean.

Two, followed by a look at the advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of fixed partial denture fixed partial dentures: 1, the repair process is simple, low-tech. 2; the repair costs are relatively low. 3 pick wear convenient, easy to maintain oral hygiene.

The disadvantage of fixed denture: 1, occlusal function recovery is relatively poor. 2, part of the denture will expose some metal parts in the patient’s mouth or laugh when aesthetic impact. 3, Because of the certain denture wearing, strong sense of foreign body 4, need to pick to wear several times a day, clean.

Finally, take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of dental implant:

Advantages teeth grow: 1, no teeth: relying on its own implant to repair, do not grind healthy teeth, the teeth without any harm. 2, retention is good: do not use traditional clasp denture or braces, artificial tooth root alveolar closely, like real teeth as rooted in the mouth, with strong retention and stability. 3, beautiful: according to doctor’s face, the shape and color of other teeth making crowns, to achieve the overall coordination and aesthetic best results. 4, comfortable and convenient: Do not use dentures denture base and clasp required, no foreign body sensation, very comfortable, convenient, but also conducive to maintaining good oral hygiene. 5, the operation is simple: dental implant surgery is a smaller alveolar surgery, like tooth extraction, using local anesthesia, trauma, and surgery can eat almost no pain. General implant surgery requires only tens of minutes to a few hours that can be completed. 6, strong function: to restore tooth function very well, much better than other traditional chewing function dentures.

The disadvantage of dental implant: dental implant is essentially no disadvantages, but relatively expensive, but also for our bones, anatomy, systemic conditions such as conditions require higher.

Plublish Date: 2014-05-21

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