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What Causes Gingivitis or What Are the Reasons of Gingivitis

Abstract: Gums are pink mucosa covering the neck of the tooth and the alveolar bone. Gingivitis is caused by bacterial invasion. The symptoms are gingival redness, swelling, bleeding, and pain and so forth.

Gingivitis is one of oral diseases, which refers to acute or chronic inflammation due to the dental tissue is affected by causative factors. It impacts oral health significantly, so it is necessary to know what causes gingivitis. Gingivitis is caused for the following reasons:

1. Many people who have poor oral hygiene suffer from gingivitis. Some people do not have good brushing habits and correct brushing method, which results in the accumulation of tartar. Together with the role of bacteria, gingivitis is easily caused.

2. Gingivitis is intrigued due to inappropriate dentures and dental fillings in the gingival hole of dental cervix which have no trimming, as well as polishing stimulating the gums’ edges.

3. Food impaction is the most common cause leading to localized periodontal tissue destruction. The young is because of teeth malalignment, while the elderly is due to age-related atrophy of the gums. After meal, food is impacted between the gums and teeth, and it is not removed and cleaned in time, which is likely to cause oral problems, such as swelling gums, gingival recession, proximal caries and bad breathing.

4. Some people do not like to eat fruits and vegetables, which causes the lack of vitamin C gum. Also because of tartar stimulation, bleeding gums and inflammation is likely to be caused.

5. Sensitive periods: during early puberty, menstruation or pregnancy, hormone of the body's endocrine is fluctuated, which will alter the responsiveness of periodontal tissue to pathogenic stimuli. Thereby the gingival inflammation is increased. Generally in those three periods, people are prone to be tormented by gingivitis.

6. Calculus: when people chew food in daily life, due to mechanical stimulation, the plaque of the calculus has close contact with gums, which triggers the inflammation of the gums.

According to Ismile shanghai dental , plaque is the original cause of gingivitis. It is non-mineralized bacterial deposits adhered to the tooth surface. Everyone has mouth plaque, but not everyone will have sub-gingivitis or periodontitis. There are some other factors directly or indirectly promoting the formation of gingivitis. Being aware of what causes gingivitis will help us prevent its development to enjoy a happy and healthy life and work. If we do not get rid of dental plaque in daily brushing and flossing, it will produce toxins which can stimulate the gum tissue and cause gingivitis. In the early stages of gingivitis, tooth bone and connective tissue fixing teeth have not been affected, so it may not cause damage to the teeth. However, if left untreated, gingivitis may develop into periodontitis, and cause permanent damage to people’s teeth and jaw. Gingivitis is a mild illness which can be recoverable. However, if left untreated, it may evolve into serious infections and tooth loss.

Plublish Date: 2014-05-19

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