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Useful Tips for Choosing Denture

Abstract: Actually many people have the demand to choose a denture for their teeth, but they do not know how to choose the most suitable denture.

Here are some useful tips from shanghai dental for you to choose the most suitable denture.

Generally if the teeth are missing, we must wear denture. You can buy the most professional denture in shanghai dental. The purpose is to primarily restore chewing function and physiological function and avoid other teeth from shifting. As for the care of appearance, it is the second you should consider. To achieve these goals, there must be a scientific choice method and we must determine the set of fixed dentures or activity according to the patient's specific conditions.

Usually, according to shanghai dental, the denture can be divided into three categories, removable denture, fixed denture and planting denture and all kinds of dentures have corresponding characteristics.

Removable dentures have wide adaptation to natural teeth body tissue. The cost of removable teeth is relatively low. But its underpinning volume is bigger and it is difficult to adapt to. And doctors in shanghai dental tell you that you need to remove the denture and clean the denture before going to bed or after dinner. There will always be some inconvenience. Removable dentures sold in shanghai dental can be picked and it is convenient to clean. The price is relatively affordable. Removable teeth’s chewing function is obviously worse than natural teeth. It is best not to eat hard food such as sugar cane, bones and so on. You should practice eating pap at the first time to adapt to eating normal food.

Through the cement, fixed denture will be dentures cementation in the mouth and the patient can't pick it. It is approximate natural teeth and almost has no uncomfortable body sensation. The professional denture sold in shanghai dental can help you recover normal function which real teeth have. Beautiful appearance will not affect you. But you need to grind more natural teeth body tissues which have short gaps adjacent to the teeth. But there is higher demand to adapt to the fixed denture and the cost will higher compared to the removable denture.

Experts from shanghai dental say that fixed denture is composed of three parts such as retainer, the bridge and the connection. It can not only restore chewing organ anatomical morphology and physiological function, but also maintain the organ's health for a long time and prevent the cause of teeth and jaw diseases, such as to prevent the elongation of teeth. And it can make patients feel it similar to real teeth with a comfortable chewing experience.

Many different kinds of fixed dentures sold in shanghai dental have the advantages of small volume, comfortable feeling and beautiful appearance. The well fixed denture will not bring the person a strong strange body sensation. Metal teeth are strong and durable which can withstand greater occlusion pressure. Full crown porcelain teeth are the best choice for patients with high degree of requirements. Factually, most of fixed dentures contain metal components because people’s biting force is very large. So it must have certain metals and then denture can withstand considerable biting force without being damaged. At present what is commonly used is metal titanium alloy PFM, pure titanium porcelain and platinum alloy PFM and so on.

The planting dentures have advantages of the fixed denture and they do not need to grind the natural teeth tissues. Mucosal tissue around teeth is similar to natural teeth gum tissue, but compared with the natural teeth, this is relatively weaker defense mechanism.

Every denture has advantages and disadvantages. We shanghai dental will give treatment or advice according to the specific condition of patients. Patients can choose suitable denture according to their own conditions such as living habits and economic conditions.

Plublish Date: 2014-01-24

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