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Change Your Smile From Knowing The Material of Denture

Abstract: Acrylic resins, alloys and porcelain are the most common material to fabricate dentures , each of them has its range of application.

Dentures, or false teeth, are fixed or removable substitutions that replace missing teeth usually lost due to diseased gums or tooth decay. Based on the American Academy of Periodontology, nearly one in four older adults have lost all of their teeth. Selecting a proper material of denture is at least as important as the choice of a shanghai dental . Generally, dentists use acrylic resins, alloys and porcelain to fabricate dentures for a comfortable installation and more natural-looking smile.

1. Acrylic Resins

Most artificial teeth are constructed from high quality acrylic resins, which make them stronger and more attractive than was once possible. Different grades of acrylic are available for natural-looking dentures. The acrylic resins are relatively wear-resistant and durable plastics, and high quality acrylic resins are expected to last between five and eight years.

Acrylic Resins models can imitate the exact shape and size of the natural tooth and can provide a more consistent look in a partial denture that inserts next to a natural tooth. The base, or pink gum-like part of a denture, is also manufactured from an acrylic material.

2. Metal Alloys

Artificial teeth are inserted in a metal mount, which holds them in place in the mouth during chewing and stabilizes the teeth. A frame is within the mount to offer its form and a saddle-shaped portion which is shaped to accord with the patient's gums and palate. This design allows for comfort and optimizes the dentures' appearance. A metal frame not sealed properly within the acrylic base can leave a metallic taste in the wearer's mouth. Nobilium and chromium are metal alloys commonly used to frame artificial teeth within the denture mount.

3. Porcelain

Artificial teeth fabricated from porcelain are more commonly used in a full set denture but not a partial denture where natural teeth may suffer damage from the hard porcelain. Porcelain is used as a tooth material because it looks more like natural tooth enamel. It is a very firm material that does not wear away quickly, but can also crumble readily and may lead to a clicking sound when the wearer is chewing with the pressure of biting. So porcelain is used particularly for upper front teeth, which are the most visible. Therefore, porcelain teeth should not be adopted in partial dentures where they will touch natural teeth during chewing.

Though the material of denture are varied, at present it can be concluded as the above three kinds. In short, acrylic resins are wear-resistant, metal alloys are commonly used as a frame within the denture mount, and porcelain is fit for a full set denture installation. Through the above introduction, I believe you will experience a comfortable talk with the dentist from a shanghai dental. More importantly, change your smile.

Plublish Date: 2013-12-25

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